Broadband in Woodside Fastest in UK

2013-05-01 21:42:53

Published on 2013-05-01 21:42:53

There is REAL Broadband and then there is RURAL Broadband



If you live in Rodington Parish and wnt to download a film you need to drive down Willowfield in Woodside where the highest broadband speed in the UK is available. At that location you can download a full music album in just 11 seconds. or a 2 hour film in 2 minutes 49 seconds. Councillor Bill Clements was proud to say how fast download speeds are in the Telford area.

The facts provided by Uswitch show Woodside had speeds of 70.9 mbps, Mr Clements avoided mentioning the TF6 has speeds of just 3 mbps which means to download a film here, if you keep a constant connection, will take anything up to 20 hours.

We do not how many businesses operate in Willowfield Close we do know that in TF6 6LQ there are at least six owner operated businesses in just that segment of the TF6 postcode. One reported taking 8 hours to replace a set of website images which in Woodside would have been accomplished in just minutes.

TF6 ratepayers are not impressed that Telford & Wrekin rejected joining the nationwide programme to upgrade Rural broadband in which cash strapped Rural Councils have invested in. Apparently it is not worth doing, an easy decision to make from the Councillors living in the highspeed area and without any research into Rural Buisness needs.

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