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Rodington Civil Parish is known to date back to 1883 and has served both communities of Rodington and Longdon upon Tern since 1978.

The Council is made up of seven Councillors who meet monthly (except August) at alternative Village Halls in the Parish. The Council is responsible for the maintenance of the Rodington Cemetery, Rodington Play Area and Ball Court, noticeboards around the parish and financing projects in the area such as bulb planting, street signage and annual Christmas trees.

The Parish Council is also there to report any issues that are causing concern to the Parish such as potholes, dangerous trees, damaged road signage and public safety.

Our Councils highest priorities are to keep our community safe, maintain good communications with our residents, provide facilities to improve the health and wellbeing of our community and improve community resilience. You can find more details about our strategy to tackle these problems on our Parish Plan page.